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Welcome to the Site. I'm Twisted Poet.
Or, to my friends, simply "Poet". I don't use my given name.
Twisted Poet is both a persona and a Brand that I have been trying to develop.

The Rise of Fascism in Canada MUST BE STOPPED. To be CLEAR, I am referring to the CRIMINAL ACTIONS of the Trudeau Government. Evidence is emerging DAILY, ignored by the paid off Canadian Press, that this country's Covid Policies are directly responsible for the Deaths of Thousands of Canadians.

He has violated the Charter of Rights and Freedoms, and Internationally recognized Human Rights Codes.
Because of that, and because I have NO FAITH WHATSOEVER in our Justice System, I am starting

         The Chalenor Centre for Justice Against Tyranny
The Centre will be comprised of Volunteer Researchers, Lawyers, Tech Gurus, and Fund Raisers. It is Our Mission to ensure that none of the War Criminals that have committed an effective Planetary Genocide goes unpunished.

We will carry out that mission by painstaking research, tracking down leads, demanding information through proper channels, and FULLY DOCUMENTING every Name associated with this Obscene Act. We will gather careful and complete evidence. We will be SURE and CAREFUL in our steps. When we have a fully developed case against these individuals, we will pursue INDICTMENTS against them for their crimes, we will see to their arrest and their Fair but Complete TRIALS.

NOTHING will be withheld, nothing will be covered up.

THIS is the Watershed Moment in Canadian History. Either we STAND UP for what is RIGHT, or we fall to communist dictatorship and ruin. The mission of this Centre will include ALL of those Co-Conspiritors. No one will escape. We will never stop. We will chase you FOREVER. Whether you face your trial in a Year, or in 5 Years, or in 15 Years, or in 50 Years, you WILL FACE TRIAL.

Just as with the LAST Fascists that this Once Proud Country defeated, "I was only following the Orders of my Superiors" will NOT be an acceptable defense. "I did it to keep my job" will be looked on as equally irrelevant. Each person is called upon to make their own choice, and is responsible for that choice.

Do not look to The Law for Moral Authority. The people that HID Anne Frank we're breaking the Law. The people that INFORMED on Anne Frank we're FOLLOWING The Law.

There is no longer any room to sit on the FENCE.

The longer this ABUSE of Canadians by their Government continues, the more chance their is of it getting out of control.

Of finally angering, beyond the line in the sand, men who simply wanted to be LEFT ALONE!

I won't try to recreate that piece here, it has already been well said.

I'm just going to ask you to JOIN me.

Here's how we Get Started.... for now, Email twisted.poet@ymail.com if interested.